More Food & School Supplies! More Food & School Supplies! Mutua Muthama presents his siblings with their new school uniforms! 154892769 Mrs. Juliana and family. 154892777 The siblings with their new uniforms. 154892784 (l-r) Mweu Muthama, Mutheo Muthama, Munyiva Muthama. 154892781 Mutheo with her new school uniform, ready for fitting! 154892782 Mrs. Juliana helping Munyiva with her blouse. 154892778 Munyiva with her new school bag 154892780 I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills [his purpose] for me (Psalm 57:2). 154892786 Son of the late Anna offloading goods from the truck..Juliana confirms the offloading 154892773 Foodstuffs and soaps 154892771 Foodstuffs ready for dispatch 154892770 The new mattress loaded and ready for delivery to Mrs Waeni! 154892775 Waeni's grandson holding some of the foodstuffs 154892772 Mrs Juliana & Mrs Waeni Kitomba with the new mattress! Mrs. Kitomba will surely sleep well! 154892779 A new door! Mrs Waeni had no door at all on her home previously. 154892783 Juliana and Waeni in the small 10x10 "house" 154892774 Peter Maingi 154892785 Mrs Angelina Mutio. A widow whose husband passed away from HIV. Mrs. Mutio's health and vision are declining. 154892776