Beth Potter's Home News Letter 2021

Posted by Joseph Kibwaa on March 3, 2021 at 12:45 AM


On behalf of the Board members of Beth Potter’s Home, we want to thank God for all of you who believed in us and together with us in this noble task of God’s calling to help these orphans in one way or the other. We are happy to inform you that your work has not been in vain.

Here are some of alights concerning these orphans of the year 2020:

1. Philomena, having completed grade 12 two years ago 2018 she is now in her second year in a career college, where her performance is very encouraging.

2. Ndunge Musilu, we are happy to report that she completed grade 12 in 2019.

3. Christopher, who was born with HIV Aids disease and his parents died, was rejected by his relatives including his own uncle. Through God’s grace Christopher completed grade 12 in 2019 after a long struggle with this sickness. We are sad to inform you that Christopher passed away December 2020, after receiving his share of Christmas food, as it is shown in the pictures of our Website. He is the fourth orphan to die because of this disease.

4. Mercy, who was in grade 12 in 2020 did not complete her courses due to Covid-19 so this was postponed to April this year 2021 God willing. She has been doing very well behavior wise and in School.

5. Andrew and Januaries, are now in grade 10 this year 2021, they are doing well in school.

Other orphans including James are in different Elementary schools grades 3 & 4 respectively.

All these children are given two meals in their respective schools, while at home during weekends, holidays we provide food for them throughout the year. We also care for their health issues when they become sick.

We are happy to report to you that one of the orphans by the name Januaries who had a kidney problem and conditioned to use catheter even in school, which caused a stigma, is now healed. Glory to God for his healing.

We were able to send Christmas food in 2020, for all children and their families where they live.

Things to Pray for:-

Since everything has gone up financially due to Covid-19, what we used to pay for food last year 2019 is now twice as much this year 2021. The construction of this home in order for us to have these orphans under one roof, their new home where their needs will be fully met satisfactorily physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually is still yet to be build when funds will be available. We hope and pray for God’s will to be done and this anticipated dream to be a reality.

Therefore, pray with us for God to provide us with donors to support the building of this urgently needed home for these orphans. It is with great joy to inform you that our charity is officially registered as non-profit charitable organization here in Canada. The annual tax reports for the charity has been highly recommended by Canada Revenue Agency. Therefore, those who would like to donate any amount of money to this charity, $20 and above will be issued with a receipt for income tax purposes.

Prepared by:

Rev. Dr. Joseph K. Kibwaa, (Co-founder).

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