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Our Mission

To reach out to needy people with the love of God.

To provide shelter, food and other resources to orphaned children.

To help these children grow into responsible members of society.


About The Founder

My name is Elizabeth Kibwaa; I have been living in Canada for the past 22 years. In 2004 I traveled back to my home country (Kenya), and was in shock to see how many orphans there are in my village. Their parents had passed away from HIV; tragically many of them were my niece and nephews' children. My sisters, their grandparents, had been taking care of them; however the care-givers are also struggling to make ends meet, as many of them are widows. Unfortunately the government has not been able to do anything to alleviate their poor living conditions.

The events of my 2004 visit to Kenya have plagued my conscience, and I felt like I must take the first step to help these children and others around my village who are orphans from no fault of their own. My main concern is that these children do not have anything to eat, clothes to wear, and a decent place to sleep. My plan is to find them a safe place, a place where they will be provided with these necessities. This facility would either be bought or rented and would be in close proximity (walking distance), thus allowing easy access to these children.

You may be wondering why this situation has had such an effect on me! At one point long ago that orphaned child was me, wondering what to wear or where my next meal will come from. My parents died when I was very young; looking back I cannot even begin to paint a picture of who they were or what they were like. However, people say that your experiences shape the person you are today and that is true with me. I know God had a plan for me when he brought me to Canada. Many times I am reminded of where I have come from and the cries of the orphans I have left behind . . . day after day those cries ring louder.

I was able to return to Kenya in 2010 and am more encouraged than every to love and bless these children.  This is only possible with you!

If you have any questions pertaining to this mission I would invite you to contact me, and I would be more than willing to clarify any questions you may have.